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When Harry met Sally

Second act

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Second trip to London

I went again to London the 21st and 22nd of April. Once more the journey badly started.

But I will not insist on the power supply failure in the tunnel under the channel, nor on the camera that switches in stand-by mode at the wrong moment and don't want to restart before Alyson leaves. The end were far better and I will only talk about success.


First the performance was again perfect. It was a weekday so the theatre was not totally full. Though filling was about 80%. I don't know about the filling of royal and upper circle because this time I had chosen the place at the middle of the 3rd row in the orchestra stalls.


Many changes happened in the play direction since the previews. For example the aerobic scene in the first scene has been suppressed. Sally tics have been reduced. I loved them, but I guess that aerobic was too hard to play and the tics may not have made the public laugh. It seems to me that a scene with Harry at the phone and Aly storing back Harry's tools in his bag has been suppressed. I have no idea what justify this suppression and I regret those missing scenes. Fortunately they did not modify the gymnasium scene. All these cuts in the beginning made the first part shorter than the second. So the interval, which was just after the climax scene, has moved one scene later to fix the issue.


I did not find important changes in the second act. I did not feel that the acting has changed either, except Alyson who is now completely confortable. She did not show any effort to be heared by the entire audiance.


When meeting Alyson at the theatre backdoor I have been able to take some pictures and make some videos. Below are the best ones.


This time I had again the luck to go to the theatre the same day as Alexis. So he is on the picture too. I think he arrived the day I made the pictures after having completed the last Angel episode filming. And this surprised me a lot. Since I believed he was in Los Angeles, when I saw Alyson walking holding the hand of a man I firstly thought this could not be her. It is only after staring at Alyson a long time and being sure it was her that I looked at the guy who was coming with her.


After the performance we were slightly more numberous to wait for Alyson but not more than a dozen of people. Having already got an autograph at the entry, I content myself with making some photos and a video. Then Alyson and Alexis left walking hand in hand. They were probably going to the restaurant where they must have made a reservation because Alexis had requested the telephone directory to the theatre caretaker sometime before their departure. They were in a hurry because Alyson had only one hour and a half free before having to get ready for the next performance.

Third trip

Some days later (May 13th) I came back to the theatre to try to make some additional new pictures of Alyson. This day she arrived with Alexis in a taxi. To help her forgiving me to delay her entry in the theatre, I had bring a bunch of flowers for her. Alyson was yet in a hurry because she had to prepare for the performance. So she went in quickly.


Waiting sometime at the stage door I have been able to ask Alexis who was leaving the theatre to sign a picture with him and Alyson.


When Alyson came out after the performance, I made a video just before asking her to sign the picture that was already holding Alexis authograph. Before the second performance of the day Alyson and Alexis were going to diner with a friend (whose face I blured on the video when he moves behind Alyson).

Les photos

The theatre in the daylightA new picture of the theatre in the day light this time. But the main différence is that the posters with text have been replaced by photo poster much more appealing.
Again the theatre in the daylight!A second theatre view. What's wrong with me to show all that theatre pictures? Is it because it looks like the site logo? Or is it because I had too much time to make pictures waiting the end of the performance? Or an other matter? You will see...
Sally siting beside HarryIn the first scene Sally is at home and Harry is a peinter who is there to paint her flat in white because the current white is not white enough.
Sally at the gymnasium with her boyfriend JoeThe second scene takes place several years later at the gymnasium where Sally is with Joe her current boyfriend. She again meets there Harry. The actor who plays Joe, though his limited role is lucky to kiss Alyson at each performance!
Alyson signing autographsAs usual, the theatre artist exit is the autograph factory. Alyson was in a hurry she had to leave quickly. So she was sustaining an heavy production rate. As soon one autograph was completed, she was taking the next photo.
Alyson waving at meI had already my autograph at a previous session so I took the opportunity to make photos and videos. We were 2, side by side in the same case. Alyson, thought she was in a hurry, was carefull to not forget someone. So she turned back to see if there was someone waiting for an autograph in our direction. She recognized us and waved at us kindly and continued her task to the other side.
Alexis waiting for end of signingAlexis looking at meAlexis was there too. He was waiting the time to go patiently at the rear, while Alyson was in the rush. When he saw that I had turned in his direction he smile at me kindly.
Alyson and Alexis going to leaveAlyson and Alexis, after having signed some autographs for the fans that were there, are ready to leave. This was between the matinee and the evening performances. They were probably going to celebrate the Alexis arrival at London the evening before.
The play poster on Planet Hollywood side windowBeside the theatre I noticed the window of the Planet Hollywood. When Harry met Sally tops the bill there to pay tribute to the 2 hollywood actors who have the title roles
The front view of the Planet HollywoodIt is the unique window of the restaurant that is dedicated to a current show as we can see on this second photo. The first picture is the window in the street on the right of this photo.
Alyson holding the bunch of flowersI have offered a bunch of flowers to Alyson when she arrived at the theatre. Then I asked her if I could take a picture and she grant it to me and she posed with the bunch.

I love her cap that has replaced the hat she had the previous time. She uses them to be able to walk in London streets with Alexis without being recognized.

Alyson waving at meSince I was holding the camera with one hand while I was searching for the picture I wanted her to signed, the centering and stability were not perfect ! Though I have fixed the video image per image, and even rebuild some images using other images. The black headband is the trace of an unrecoverable off-centering.
My 3 autographs from LondonImmediatly after doing the autograph you can see on the video, Alyson signed the photo of her and Alexis I had already signed by Alexis when he got out the theatre just after having accompagnied Alyson. So there are the 3 autographs Alyson kindly signed for me at London. I am ashamed to have bothered her so much time.

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