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T4: I'm about to talk to Alyson Hannigan who plays Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All I need to do now is find a spell so she falls for my charms. Ha, ha, ha, haa... (Slightly maniacal laughter)

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T4: Now, Willow... she's a computer loving, vampire slaying, lesbian witch.

AH: (Laughs) Yeah!

T4: Do you, are you like her in real life?

AH: (Laughs) Well, eh... No.

T4: Do you believe in the supernatural?

AH: Well, my theory is, you know, eh... Yes, I believe because I don't want anything to come out and prove that they exist if I say they don't exist.

Clip from Anne

T4: Would you have liked to have played Buffy?

AH: No.

T4: No?

AH: Mmm.

T4: Why not?

AH: Well, because I love Willow. She's, she's, you know, somebody people can relate to and identify with and I, I love, I, I love that.

T4: Sorry, I was just thinking of Sarah Michelle Gellar and I, I did an interview - it was probably about a year ago - I did an interview with her and, um, we shared this really intimate moment. And it was really special, she touched my knee.

AH: Did she?

T4: Yeah.

AH: Well, I should balance the other knee.

T4: (Points to knee that was "touched") Try the other knee.

AH: Okay, are you ready?

T4: Yeah.

AH: (Leans over, goes for the other knee and laughs)

T4: Ooh...

AH: (Laughs) I was trying to tickle you.

T4: Oh no , there's real chemistry there - I can feel it.

AH: Yeah!

Clip from Anne

T4: Did you get recognised much when you're out shopping?

AH: Sometimes.

T4: Mmmm.

AH: When somebody approaches me, it's always a surprise and my friends are like "They've been staring at you for twenty minutes!"

T4: So, no one shouts out, "Witch, witch," like that. No one does that?

AH: No.

T4: But there's always a thing I have noticed in the show, Willow has to cope with this unrequited love for Xander. Does it bring back any painful memories from those schoolday romances?

AH: Ah... yes... (squeaks) thanks! (Feigns being very upset then laughs)

T4: Now, there is no love lost between Willow and Cordelia - who is played by Charisma. Is she as, um, "charismatic" in real life?

AH: Yes.

T4: Is she? Do you get on very well with her?

AH: Yes. Although, the... she and David are now on their own show called Angel. (During this a clip from Anne is shown)

T4: Mmmm.

AH: So we don't see them that often.

T4: Do you think, you know, because of... there was Buffy. And now there is Angel, there is a possible spin off for Will... for Willow here?

AH: (Laughs) I don't think so.

T4: What do you think the programme would be about?

AH: Well, apparently, it would be about vampire slaying, lesbian witches.

T4: Exactly. You see, that's it! Computer loving as well, you must put that in.

AH: Oh, I'm sorry. Computer loving, lesbian witches.

Clip from Anne

T4: Some of the vampire exterminations, they're very physical. I've been watching them and I've been shocked, really. Are your action scenes hard work to do?

AH: Em, actually, they are quite easy because we have wonderful people called stunt doubles.

T4: Ahhh!

AH: And so, eh... so they do all the fighting.

T4: Don't give it all away Alyson. People are going to think you are this really fit, strong, action girl.

AH: But they work their butts off.

T4: Butts off!

AH: I'm not going to take that credit. No way! They break ribs. Sarah's stunt double, Sophia, has broken ribs in a fight.

T4: We all saw you last year in your outrageous comedy, American Pie. Did you enjoy playing such a different character to Willow?

AH: It, it was so fun and it was, it was... yeah, it was a nice little change of pace.

T4: Mmmm. It was and I think everyone can remember, there was a really... there's a scene in it which was the great flute scene. And it was a really completely different way of playing the flute.

AH: Yeah.

T4: Can you play the flute in real life or...?

AH: No. (Shakes head)

T4: No.

AH: Uh uh.

T4: No method acting there, we hope.

AH: Well...

T4: So, if... now, while you are in London... I know you do a lot of casting of spells - are there any spells you are going to cast on anyone?

AH: (Laughs)

T4: What about, would you cast a love spell on me? I'm...

AH: Who do you want to, eh...

T4: Just a general one so that people just like me. Make me, make me more attractive.

AH: A sense of humour is always attractive.

T4: A sense of humour? Do you not think I've got a sense of humour Alyson?

AH: Oh no, of course! I think you're hilarious! (Looks at camera)

T4: Yes, yes! Someone loves me. Alyson, thank you so much for talking to me. It's been wonderful.

AH: You should fall in love with him, okay girls? (Gives an "ok" sign")